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Hola, Mallorca!


I’ve finally found some time to update my blog a little! Haven’t been very active since I was having a lot of fun in Mallorca. My friends invited me for a trip some time ago and although I didn’t really know what to expect from the island, I said yes. (because you should always say yes to any invitation to travel 🙂 ) I’d never been to Spain or any islands belonging to Spain so I was very excited to finally see with my own eyes and practice my Spanish a little bit.

Briefly – Mallorca had me fall for it. I don’t know if it is for the amazingly friendly people or for the beautiful language or for a wonderful atmosphere. Anywhere I went in Mallorca, I was constantly falling in love again and again. Here’s where I went:

Palma de Mallorca 

The capital of Mallorca, Palma is a very classy city. It doesn’t happen to me very often, and for instance, although I loved Thailand with all my heart, it didn’t happen to me there – I didn’t feel like I could live in that place. In Palma, however, I could instantly imagine myself living in one of those amazing houses, walking those streets every day and just live the dream. Oh how I didn’t want to leave it! I could spend hours, days, just walking around taking pictures of Palma’s breathtaking architecture. Every piece was a work of art.

What to do when in Palma? Definitely check out La Catedrala and also Mango and Zara stores. As they’re both Spanish brands, the stores are huge and a lot cheaper than elsewhere!


Mostly known for its Wednesday weekend market, Andratx is a wonderful small town. There was a special bus going from Magaluf, Santa Ponca etc. that would take you directly to the market on a Wednesday morning. The town has adorable alleyways and it is surrounded by olive trees. Definitely my kind of place.

A must for when in Spain – black paella! Or any paella for that matter… Love it!

Mallorca to me was just an epitome of partying and wild nightlife. That is at least what you hear from everywhere – “Come party to Mallorca/Ibiza”. What is less talked about is its beautiful nature, interesting history and unique culture. All of it you can experience once there if you keep your eyes and hearts opened.