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Chaotic. Seemingly lawless. Different.

Chaotic yet very lively. Different yet similar to what I’ve seen on TV. A crazy place.

The airport is huge but not too different from what I’ve seen so far. A cute little Thai girl running around smiling at me makes me feel like I’m in the right place at the right time. Getting public taxi is easy but I find out Thais can’t really read English letters. Thankfully I have a map with me. The taxi driver is all smiles but looks doubtful of the place shown on the map. He starts waving at me to follow him in his car and I do. It is hot and humid, as if you could smell the ocean in the air. In the taxi the air conditioner is full on and  I even feel a bit cold after a while.

As soon as we get out of the airport, I see the real thing. First impression is close to thoughts such as “What the hell am I doing here?! Where am I?!”. It is so different it even shocks me. Seems like people here live the way they want to live, nobody controls them. Even the traffic looks like cars just go whatever way they want. Our taxi squeezes in-between two other cars and I almost have a heart attack. The driver keeps smiling and occasionally looking at the map I gave him. “So you know where we’re going, yeah?” – I ask. He smiles. I guess Thailand really is the land of smiles. After a while our taxi is going through little “sois”  and I feel a bit doubtful. The little streets are full of people – walking around, sitting around, selling something. “Are you sure we’re not lost?” – this time I don’t ask out loud.

Trusting the driver turns out to be the right thing when suddenly the car stops. “Here, guesthouse.” He points at a tiny house and I realize we really did find it. “Thank you, you’re so awesome!!”

I guess Bangkok is the city you can either love or hate. You might feel like the latter but if you look at it for one more minute, you realize it could be everyone’s heaven on Earth. You can do anything in Bangkok. Meet anyone.

After having to wake up the receptionist sleeping on the couch, I finally check in at the guesthouse. I find out time difference with home is 5 hours which is not that bad but I sleep the whole day.