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Last day of April


Do you know a feeling when you’ve been waiting for something for so long and now that it is almost here, right here at your fingertips, suddenly, you feel like “ah, it’s actually not as special as I thought”? My Dad said that whenever something really crucial happens in your life, like when you finally finish school or something, you don’t really feel any different. It’s like not much has changed and at the same time your life has changed. You just don’t fully realize it.

I’ve been feeling strange these last few days. Suddenly everything in my life seems fake. People that I meet, my goals, my visions. I somehow started feeling like I don’t belong.

As for traveling, looks like I’m going to Thailand in a month. I have some sort of “project” in mind, we’ll see how it goes.


Lost Under the Tuscan Sun


Remembering Italy…

Italy fascinated me even before I ever went there. Seeing it on pictures or on TV, it always captivated me with its unique beauty. I would even say unique personality. What you can find in Italy is hard to find anywhere else in the world. And most importantly, it always felt so familiar – especially Tuscany. Those olive trees, medieval towns, those landscapes… Looking at pictures, I used to imagine what it would be like to live in Tuscany one day, in one of those wonderful little houses.

Or to at least see it with my own eyes one day…

Well, I did. Back in 2009 I ended up going to Florence and from there to various little towns. Florence felt like I was back in medieval times, the atmosphere, the architecture,…  “Wow..!!!”  was all I could think of. You definitely need to be there to know what I’m talking about.

But let’s get back to what else Tuscany has to offer. Getting out of Florence to see its surroundings was a bit of a relief – although it is an astonishingly beautiful city, the traffic there is crazy. As soon as you get out of the city center, you are likely to get overwhelmed by all the motorbikes and all the cars. Drive a little further though and you will find yourself in a whole different world. In the world where it seems like time stopped hundreds of years ago, where you feel like what you see is exactly what people saw back then. It’s like nothing has changed. I mean, obviously, I can’t really know since I haven’t been there hundred years ago, but still – it felt like the nature, the little towns, everything stayed the same way. I felt like I was in a dream. I got sucked in the atmosphere so much I even started getting annoyed if I saw a modern house with a modern swimming pool… It just didn’t belong.

And then it happened. It was completely unplanned and thus even more magical. Somehow, I ended up in Montefioralle – the most impressive, the most dreamy, the most fairy tale-like little town I’ve ever seen and probably will ever see in my life. It was night time and I walked up those stairs that led to the entrance to that magical place. I will never forget how quiet it stood there, it felt like someone took it right out of my dreams and placed it right in front of me. I walked through and I could hear someone talking inside those windows and doors. I didn’t meet anyone on the street and I wondered – if I have, would the people look “normal” or would they look like they just stepped out of Dante’s poem?

Definitely the most mysterious place I have ever visited.

With Italy it was love at first sight.


Absolutely wonderful. Italy has always had a special meaning for me, its own special magic.

I remember visiting Tuscany three years ago, those olive trees, those Italian only sceneries… Remember ending up in Montefioralle, completely by accident, and falling in love with it deeply. With Italy it was love at first sight. Speaking of, I think there is going to be a post on my Italian adventures soonish…

Positano sounds like a perfect destination in the future!

E A T & R E L I S H

“”Positano bites deep…..It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” — John Steinbeck

The longest and most enjoyable stretch of our trip was all, as it would come to be, a very happy accident.  Five nights and six days spent in London, Rye, and Paris had flown by to become a jumbled memory of pints, fish and chips, wine, and macaroons, leaving us with weary feet begging for a break and a cloudy fog of jet lag threatening to turn us into unwitting narcoleptics.  We said our goodbyes to the 7th arrondissement in the early morning hours, and packed up our bags to head to the Paris Orly airport, tickets in hand for a 7:30AM departure time on a flight destined for Rome.  As we pulled into the airport and I switched on my iPhone’s…

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Outside that box


I am a very enthusiastic person. Whenever there is something that catches my eye – I go for it head over heels. I’ve become passionate about writing, spent the days going through various blogs and it simply fascinates me. I just bumped into this travel blog called “Adventurous Kate” ( which left me quite speechless. The girl travels the world solo, her favorite book is Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” and she’s about to fulfill her dream of going to those bullfighting shows described in the novel.

While going through her blog, questions kept popping up in my head. How does she do it? How did she manage to get where she is right now? How do I get there as well? I don’t think of myself as a coward, but all those questions led to arising of certain fear in me. I kept thinking –  wow, how can I one day start doing this as well? Is it not too late? Being 21, I feel like I’ve not yet achieved anything crucial in my life and I noticed I started to realize time actually does pressure me. Some might say I still have the whole life ahead of me but I feel like I can’t waste a second. I feel like I need to start NOW, I need to pack my bags and go see the world. Which leads me to another idea.

I’ve been thinking how do I manage to travel “outside the box”. I’m not a least bit excited about traveling with some agency. A good idea would be to just buy a ticket and try my fortune. I was thinking I should try volunteering in South America or teaching English in Asia. The world seems to be full of possibilities, how do I know which one to catch?

Having said all that, I need to confess that, honestly, I’ve always believed in Life. I’ve always believed every one of us leads the life which best suits each and every one of us. I am convinced that what we should do is try to go with the flow, knowing for certain that Life will never let us down.

Summer haze…


I spent the entire day thinking about summer 2012. Summers are always special. It’s that time of the year when you feel most courageous, when anything at all can happen. It’s that time of the year when you feel like you can just simply do it, that you can leave right now and get out of your comfort zone. And for us who live in Central Europe, summer is that time of the year when it is actually really warm outside.

I feel like summer 2012 simply needs to be the most special. What I’ve been thinking is that I should travel solo for at least a few days. Like I did when I was 17 when I decided to go to Helsinki, Finland. I went for two weeks, spent the days wandering around the city, shopping and doing nothing. This time I’m thinking Barcelona could do. I’ve heard so much about it and I’ve never been to Spain, although I do speak Spanish. You could say I’m an idealist but I can totally see myself going there to take pictures, explore the city, do some writing and just see how I can manage being completely alone at some unknown place. Besides, it’s Barcelona man…